HDR Events is established By Hidir Kurt in London in 2018.

Mr. Kurt has been actively in the event organisation sector since 2002. Mr. Kurt studied Tourism in Anadolu University/Turkey. Studying tourism has influenced him to build HDR events. As you might aware tourism is directly related to entertainment. Turkey is one of most touristic places in the world therefore every year welcoming different people from different countries. This experience has helped him to understand and acknowledge what people will likely to like from different people from many different backgrounds.

Mr Hidir Kurt is multi-talented, he proves Ney Tutions to Middle East people. ( history of ney and also who could listen)

Whatever you need from your event, our 17 years’ experience, creative ideas and innovative approach ensure the results will be perfect. He also teach turkish folk dance and Ney, which is Turkish traditional music instrument.

  1. Tel: 07449 688968
  2. E-mail: hdreventslondon@gmail.com